Tizen .NET

Tizen .NET is an exciting new way to develop applications for the Tizen operating system, running on 50 million Samsung devices, including TVs, wearables, mobile phones, and many other IoT devices around the world. The existing Tizen frameworks are either C-based with no advantages of a managed runtime, or HTML5-based with fewer features and lower performance than the C-based solution. With Tizen .NET, you can use the C# programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure standards, and have benefits from a managed runtime for faster application development and code execution that is efficient and secure.


TizenFX API allows applications to call into platform-specific functionality from the shared code. This functionality enables Xamarin.Forms applications to do things a native application can do, without causing the portable part of the application to become littered with operating system-specific details.

The following table specifies the API Level supported by each version of the Tizen platform:

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API Level Target Framework Target Platform NuGet
API Level 11 tizen11.0 Tizen vNext
API Level 10 tizen10.0 Tizen 7.0 api10_nuget
API Level 9 tizen90 Tizen 6.5 api9_nuget
API Level 8 tizen80 Tizen 6.0 M2 api8_nuget
API Level 7 tizen70 Tizen 5.5 M3 api7_nuget
API Level 6 tizen60 Tizen 5.5 M2 api6_nuget
API Level 5 tizen50 Tizen 5.0 M2 api5_nuget
API Level 4 tizen40 Tizen 4.0 M2 api4_nuget