Toast is a common component and provides simple messages.

Unlike other popups, a toast consists only of a body field as it is just used for providing simple feedback to the user’s actions.

You can use a toast to provide simple messages when the user does not need to make an additional action or confirmation. A toast will automatically disappear after a certain time.



Toast is deprecated since Tizen 6.0 and will be removed after two releases.

Add namespace

To implement toast, include Tizen.NUI.Components namespace in your application:

using Tizen.NUI;
using Tizen.NUI.Components;

Create with Property

To create a toast using property, follow these steps:

  1. Create toast using the default constructor:

    Toast utilityBasicToast = new Toast();
  2. Set the toast property:

    NPatchVisual nvisual = new NPatchVisual();
    nvisual.URL = DirectoryInfo.Resource + "rectangle.png";
    nvisual.Border = new Rectangle(64, 64, 4, 4);
    utilityBasicToast.Background = nvisual.OutputVisualMap;
    utilityBasicToast.Position = new Position(50, 350);
    utilityBasicToast.Size = new Size(512, 132);
    utilityBasicToast.Message = "null parameter";
    utilityBasicToast.PointSize = 15;
    utilityBasicToast.TextColor = Color.White;
    utilityBasicToast.TextPadding = new Extents(96, 96, 38, 38);
    utilityBasicToast.Duration = 1500;

Following output is generated when the toast is created using property:


  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 5.5 and Higher