Introduction to Tizen .NET Application

Tizen .NET allows you to create .NET application with C#, the familiar, industry-leading programming language, and one of the richest standard libraries.

The introduction to Tizen .NET application documentation provides the overall information you need to become familiar with Tizen-specific .NET programming:

  • Getting the Certificates

    Demonstrates how to get the certificates you need to install a Tizen wearable .NET application on your wearable device like the Samsung Gear.

  • Testing Your App on Gear

    Demonstrates how to test Tizen .NET application on the Samsung Gear.

  • Packaging a .NET and Web Hybrid Application

    Demonstrates how to package your .NET and web hybrid application.

  • Third Party Libraries for Tizen .NET Application

    Introduces several third party libraries that are used to develop .NET applications. It is classified according to the use and according to the purpose of use.

  • Application Filtering

    Introduces feature-based filtering to prevent the application from being installed on an unsupported device and profile-based filtering to ensure that your application is only downloaded on the appropriate device profile.

  • Security and API Privileges

    Introduces various privileges that you can declare for security-sensitive operations.