Test Tizen .NET Application on a Gear device

To publish a Tizen .NET Application to Samsung Gallaxy Apps store, you have to test it on Samsung Gear devices. Since Samsung Gear does not have a USB port, Tizen provides a support to publish the app to the app store over Wi-Fi.

Therefore, you must connect the Gear device to Wi-Fi and the host PC to Wi-Fi or the Unshielded-Twisted-Pair (UTP) cable to the same local network.

Host PC and the gear connect in local network

Prepare Gear Device

To debug an application on the Samsung Gear device:

  1. Execute the Settings application.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap About watch.

About Watch

  1. Tap Debugging to turn on.

Debugging menu

  1. Press the back button of the hardware, scroll to the Connections menu, and tap it.

Connections menu

  1. Tap Wi-Fi to turn it on.

Enable Wi-Fi

Select Wi-Fi AP

Connect Wi-fi Network

IP Address

Debugging over Wi-Fi

You can install and execute your application on the Samsung Gear device over Wi-Fi.

  1. Open Visual Studio 2017 app on your developer computer.

  2. Select Tizen > Tizen Device Manager > Remote Device Manager.

Device Manager-Remote Device Manager

  1. Click Scan Devices to search for remote Samsung Gear devices. You can see a list of available remote devices.

Scan Device Remote Device Manager

  1. Select the IP of Samsung Gear Device that you want to connect to. Remote Device Manager - Enable Connection

    The connected Gear device appears on the Device Manager Explorer window. Device Manager - connected device list

Connecting via the SDB command

You can connect to Gear device via SDB command.

Open the Command Prompt in the Host PC and enter the following command:

$ sdb connect [Gear S2 IP address]:26101


$ sdb connect

You can see the states of the connected Gear devices using SDB command.

$ sdb devices
List of devices attached      device       SM-R805U