UI Components

UI components are interactive components for layouting and scrolling the user interface. DALi provides UI components, such as buttons, item view, scroll view, table view, text controls, image view, flex container, model3dview, slider, and video view.

Figure: DALi UI components

DALi UI components

DALi UI components

The following table lists the available UI components.

Table: DALi UI components

Control Description Related classes
Buttons A push button that can be pressed. A check box button that can be selected or cleared. A radio button that only one option can be selected. Button, PushButton, CheckBoxButton, RadioButton
FlexContainer A layout model that allows responsive elements within a container, to automatically arrange the elements to different screen sizes or devices. FlexContainer
ImageView An image view to render an image. ImageView
ItemView An item view to enable render item sets in a scrollable layout. ItemView, ItemFactory, ItemLayout, Scrollable
Model3dView A model view to enable static 3D content display capability. Model3dView
ProgressBar A progress bar to give the user a recursive update on the progress of an ongoing operation. ProgressBar
ScrollView A scroll view to enable the scrollable function in the UI. ScrollView, Scrollable, ScrollViewEffect, ScrollViewPagePathEffect
Slider A slider to select a value within a predefined range. Slider
TableView A table view to enable align child actors in a grid like layout. TableView
TextLabel A text label to enable render a short text string. TextLabel
TextField A text field to enable a field for a single-line of editable text. TextField
TextEditor A text field to enable a field for multiple lines of editable text. TextEditor
VideoView A video view to enable control and display video playback. VideoView

The base class for the components is Dali::Toolkit::Control (in mobile and wearable applications). It can also be used to create your own custom UI components.

For more information of control class, see Control. In this UI Components guide, both the terms control and component are used to refer to a UI component.

You can customize the look of the UI components with stylesheets. For a reusable rendering logic that can be used by all UI components, take advantage of DALi visuals.

The following figure illustrates the hierarchy of the UI components.

Figure: DALi UI component hierarchy

DALi UI component hierarchy

  • Dependencies
    • Tizen 2.4 and Higher for Mobile
    • Tizen 3.0 and Higher for Wearable