Flashing the Project


Tizen RT IDE has been deprecated since Tizen Studio 4.1. This document is obsolete.

To upload your project on the board, you need to flash it:

  1. Connect the Artik 053 board to your computer:

    Connecting the board

  2. Select the project in the Project Explorer view.

  3. To flash the TizenRT project, use one of the following:

    • In the Tizen Studio for RT menu, select Project > Flash.

    • In the Tizen Studio for RT toolbar, click the (Flash icon):

      Flashing the project

    If you have not built the project yet, an error popup appears:

    Flashing without building error

  4. In the Flash TizenRT Project Wizard, select the Flash option, and click OK:

    Flash option

If the board is not connected to the computer or the flash environment is not properly configured, the Console view displays the flash failure log:

Flash failure

If the flashing is successful, the success log is shown:

Flash success

  • Dependencies
    • Ubuntu Only