Using the Serial Terminal


Tizen RT IDE has been deprecated since Tizen Studio 4.1. This document is obsolete.

If you have flashed the project successfully, you can communicate with the board using the Terminal view.

The board must be continuously connected to your computer.

The Terminal view provides various functions:

  • Opening a terminal
  • Disconnecting the terminal connection
  • Toggling the command input field
  • Clearing the terminal
  • Enabling the scroll lock
  • Copying and pasting
  • Opening a new Terminal view

Opening a Terminal

To open a terminal:

  1. Click the Open a Terminal toolbar button.

    Opening a terminal

  2. In the Terminal Dialog, set the information to connect the board, and click OK.

    Connection information

You can see the opened terminal with a serial connection in the Terminal view.

Figure: Opened terminal

Opened terminal

Communicating with the Tash Commands

To use the tash commands, push the Soft Reset button on the board.

Figure: Soft Reset button

Soft Reset button

You can see the boot logs on the Terminal view with the TASH prompt.

Figure: Boot logs

Boot logs

To see the available tash commands, run the help command on the TASH prompt. You can also easily test the communication with the board using the various commands provided by the Terminal view.

Figure: Tash command list

Tash command list

  • Dependencies
    • Ubuntu Only