Tizen Native API  6.0
DALi (Deprecated)

DALi is a cross-platform 3D UI Toolkit for embedded systems.


DALi's 3D user interface engine enables you to create rich and high-performance UI applications. DALi is based on OpenGL ES 2.0, but provides a clean cross-platform C++ framework. This means that you can use high-level DALi APIs instead of accessing low-level OpenGL APIs directly.

DALi consists of the following modules:

Module Description
DALi Core (Deprecated) DALi Core provides core functionalities such as scene graph-based rendering, animation, and event handling.
DALi Adaptor (Deprecated) DALi Adaptor is a platform adaptation layer.
DALi Toolkit (Deprecated) DALi Toolkit provides UI components and various effects on top of the DALi Core.

The layer diagram for DALi modules is shown below:

Figure: DALi modules