Tizen Native API  6.0
_Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int version
const char * name
int size
Eet_Descriptor_Mem_Alloc_Callback mem_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Mem_Free_Callback mem_free
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Alloc_Callback str_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Free_Callback str_free
Eet_Descriptor_List_Next_Callback list_next
Eet_Descriptor_List_Append_Callback list_append
Eet_Descriptor_List_Data_Callback list_data
Eet_Descriptor_List_Free_Callback list_free
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Foreach_Callback hash_foreach
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Add_Callback hash_add
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Free_Callback hash_free
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Alloc_Callback str_direct_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Free_Callback str_direct_free
Eet_Descriptor_Type_Get_Callback type_get
Eet_Descriptor_Type_Set_Callback type_set
Eet_Descriptor_Array_Alloc_Callback array_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Array_Free_Callback array_free

Detailed Description

Instructs Eet about memory management for different needs under serialization and parse process.

The list and hash methods match the Eina API, so for a more detailed reference on them, look at the Eina_List and Eina_Hash documentation, respectively. For the most part these will be used with the standard Eina functions, so using EET_EINA_STREAM_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET() and EET_EINA_FILE_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET() will set up everything accordingly.

Member Data Documentation

how to allocate memory for array (usually malloc())

how to free memory for array (usually free())

iterates over all elements in the hash h in no specific order

how to append data d to list which head node is l

free all the nodes from the list which head node is l

how to iterate to the next element of a list. Receives and should return the list node.

Name of the user data type to be serialized

Size in bytes of the user data type to be serialized

Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Alloc_Callback _Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class::str_direct_alloc

how to allocate a string directly from file backed/mmaped region pointed by str

Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Free_Callback _Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class::str_direct_free

how to free a string returned by str_direct_alloc

get the type, as used in the union or variant mapping, that should be used to store the given data into the eet file.

called when loading a mapped type with the given type used to describe the type in the descriptor