Tizen Advanced UI framework Reference

Tizen Advanced UI framework(TAU) is optional, but recommended for making web applications for Tizen.

The Web UI framework is called Tizen Advanced UI (TAU) framework. It provides tools, such as UI components, events, effects, and animations, for Web application development. You can leverage these tools by just selecting the required screen elements and creating the applications.

Table of Contents

Title Description
Base References of base APIs to organize and managing application.
Mobile UI Components References of UI Components for Mobile profile.
Gesture Events References of TAU-specific gesture event.
Globalization References of Globalization utility library.
Animation References of Animation APIs.
Note (important!)
TAU (Tizen Advanced UI) is the new name of tizen-web-ui-fw.

Since 2.3, tizen-web-ui-fw has been deprecated (include tizen-web-ui-fw.js, tizen-web-ui-fw-libs.js, tizen-web-ui-fw.css).
So, in all documents and source code, TAU is used instead of tizen-web-ui-fw.

Since 2.4, tizen-web-ui-fw will be fully deleted and we will not support old version anymore.