Setting up your board


Samsung has discontinued support for ARTIK.

In case you are still using ARTIK, we recommend that you migrate to Raspberry Pi 3 for headless-type IoT devices. Information on Raspberry Pi 3 for Tizen IoT will help you at it. The documentation for Tizen IoT with respect to ARTIK will be available only until August 2019.

Thank you for your interest and support as always.

The procedure to setup the board varies, based on the board and Tizen version. Ensure that you select your board and the environment.

Board Using SD card Tizen Platform Version Operating System of Host PC Guide
Raspberry Pi3 Yes Tizen 5.0 Linux and Windows Raspberry Pi3, Tizen 5.0
ARTIK530 or ARTIK530S Not Supported
ARTIK530 Not Supported