Tizen Native API


API Description
Audio I/O Provides functions for controlling audio devices.
Camera Provides functions for camera preview, capture, and focusing.
Image Util Provides support for encoding and decoding of images.
Media Codec Provides functions for encodinging and decoding using media data.
Media Controller Provides functions for communication between the media controller server and the media controller client.
Media Tool Provides functions for AV packet buffer for interworking between mutimedia framework module.
Media Vision Provides functionality for barcodes detection and generation.
Metadata Editor Provides functions for editing the metadata of several popular audio format.
Metadata Extractor Provides functions for extracting the metadata from an input media file.
OpenAL Audio API designed for efficient rendering of 3-D positional audio.
Player Provides functions for media playback and controlling media playback attributes.
Radio Provide functions for accessing the radio.
Recorder Provides functions for audio and video recording.
Screen Mirroring Provides functions for screen mirroring as sink.
Sound Manager Provides functions to get and set sound parameters like volume and session policy.
Thumbnail Util Provides functions for creating the thumbnail from an input media file.
Tone Player Provides functions for playing the tone.
Video Util Provides functions that transcode a media file.
WAV Player Provides functions for playing the waveform audio file format(*.wav).
libEXIF Provides functions to read and write EXIF meta information.

For more information on the Multimedia submodule features, see Multimedia Guide.
For more information on the listed open source libraries, see the open source package page.