Tizen Native API
DALi Toolkit

DALi Toolkit provides UI components and various effects on top of the DALi Core.


DALi Toolkit consists of the following groups of API:

API Group Description
Controls Controls are interactive components for layouting the user interface.
Alignment Alignment is a container which provides an easy way to align other actors inside its boundary.
Buttons Button is a small object on UI that you can press.
Image View ImageView is a control displying an image.
Scroll Bar ScrollBar control.
Scrollable Scrollable container controls.
Item View ItemView class is a scrollable container that can contain many items.
Scroll View ScrollView class provides scrollable view which contains actors and can be scrolled automatically or manually by panning.
Table View TableView class is a layout container for aligning child actors in a grid like layout.
Text Controls Controls for displaying text or text input.
Managers Singleton classes for managing application-wide functionalities.