Tizen Native API
Eina String example

Whenever using eina we need to include it:

In our main function we declare(and initialize) some variables and initialize eina:

It's frequently necessary to split a string into its constituent parts, eina_str_split() make's it easy to do so:

Another common need is to make a string uppercase or lowercase, so let's create a string and make it uppercase and then make it lowercase again:

Next we use eina to check if our names string starts or ends with some values:

When strings will be used in a terminal(or a number of other places) it necessary to escape certain characters that appear in them:

Much as we previously split a string we will now join two strings:

With strlcpy() we can copy what portion of the prologue fits in str and be sure that it's still NULL terminated:

Since we are done with prologue and str we should free them:

Finally we see strlcat in action:

And then shut eina down and exit: