Tizen Native API  3.0
Ecore_Con - Connection functions

The Ecore Connection Library ( Ecore_Con ) provides simple mechanisms for communications between programs using reliable sockets. It saves the programmer from having to worry about file descriptors and waiting for incoming connections.

There are two main objects in the Ecore_Con library: the Ecore_Con_Server and the Ecore_Con_Client.

The Ecore_Con_Server represents a server that can be connected to. It is used regardless of whether the program is acting as a server or client itself.

To create a listening server call ecore_con_server_add(), optionally using an ECORE_CON_USE_* encryption type OR'ed with the type for encryption.

To connect to a server, call ecore_con_server_connect(). Data can then be sent to the server using the ecore_con_server_send().

Functions are described in the following groupings:

Events are described in Ecore Connection Events Functions.