Tizen Native API  3.0


Open Source Library for 2D vector graphics drawing.
Version: 1.14.2
Reference : http://www.cairographics.org/

Cairo is a famous 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices.
Cairo on Tizen has been supported output to two backends such as image backend and gl backend.
Cairo gl backend provides an implementation of possibly hardware-accelerated cairo rendering by targeting the OpenGL API.
The goal of the Cairo gl backend is to provide better performance with equal functionality to Cairo image backend where possible.
Cairo gl backend is listed as experimental on cairographics.org. However, it is official API for Tizen.
Since Tizen only uses EvasGL binding instead of EGL, Cairo EvasGL APIs have been newly added and specified.
In order to use cairo gl backend in Tizen, applications should include <cairo-evas-gl.h> instead of <cairo-gl.h>.

Cairo on Tizen can provide colored font if the font supports colored glyphs. The following values and APIs are newly added and specified for Tizen.

New values in cario_font_color_t:

  • CAIRO_FONT_COLOR_DEFAULT - indicates that cairo to use the built-in color of a font.

  • CAIRO_FONT_COLOR_USER - indicates that cairo to use application's specified color instead of the default color.

New APIs

  • cairo_font_options_set_font_color (cairo_font_options_t, cairo_font_color_t) : Set the desired font color as part of font option. Any subsequent text renderings use the color specified in this call.

  • cairo_font_options_get_font_color (cairo_font_options_t) : obtain the font color option from the specified cairo font options.

Please note that APIs related to Win32 and/or X Window System are not supported.
Applications might require extra privileges, such as internet access, in order to function properly.
For more information, please consult the cairographics.org