Tizen Native API  3.0
Edje Box Part

Functions that deal with parts of type box.

Box is a container type for parts, that means it can contain other parts.


void edje_box_layout_register (const char *name, Evas_Object_Box_Layout func, void *(*layout_data_get)(void *), void(*layout_data_free)(void *), void(*free_data)(void *), void *data)
 Registers a custom layout to be used in edje boxes.

Function Documentation

void edje_box_layout_register ( const char *  name,
Evas_Object_Box_Layout  func,
void *(*)(void *)  layout_data_get,
void(*)(void *)  layout_data_free,
void(*)(void *)  free_data,
void *  data 

Registers a custom layout to be used in edje boxes.

nameThe name of the layout
funcThe function defining the layout
layout_data_getThis function gets the custom data pointer for func
layout_data_freePassed to func to free its private data when needed
free_dataFrees data
dataPrivate pointer passed to layout_data_get

This function registers custom layouts that can be referred from themes by the registered name. The Evas_Object_Box_Layout functions receive two pointers for internal use, one being private data, and the other the function to free that data when it's not longer needed. From Edje, this private data will be retrieved by calling layout_data_get, and layout_data_free will be the free function passed to func. layout_data_get will be called with data as its parameter, and this one will be freed by free_data whenever the layout is unregistered from Edje.

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