Tizen Native API  3.0
Edje External

This group discusses functions of the external section of Edje.

The programmer can create new types for parts, that will be called generically EXTERNALS as they are not native of Edje. The developer must also create plugins that will define the meaning of each extra properties carried by these parts of type EXTERNAL.

As long as there are new types properly registered with the plugins created, the user can use the parts of type EXTERNAL as all the parts of native types.


const char * edje_external_param_type_str (Edje_External_Param_Type type)
 Converts type identifier to string nicer representation.


typedef enum
typedef struct



Define Documentation


Helper macro to indicate an EXTERNAL's double parameter is undefined.


Helper macro to indicate an EXTERNAL's integer parameter is undefined.

Typedef Documentation

Flags that determine how a parameter may be accessed in different circumstances.

Struct holding information about an EXTERNAL part's parameters.

When creating types to use with EXTERNAL parts, an array of this type is used to describe the different parameters the object uses.

This struct holds the name, type and flags that define how and when the parameter is used, as well as information specific to each type, like the maximum or minimum value, that can be used by editors to restrict the range of values to set for each parameter.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Flags that determine how a parameter may be accessed in different circumstances.


Property is incapable of operations, this is used to catch bogus flags.


Property can be read/get.


Property can be written/set. This only enables edje_object_part_external_param_set() and Embryo scripts. To enable the parameter being set from state description whenever it changes state, use EDJE_EXTERNAL_PARAM_FLAGS_STATE.


Property can be set from state description.


This property is only set once when the object is constructed using its value from "default" 0.0 state description. Setting this overrides EDJE_EXTERNAL_PARAM_FLAGS_STATE.


Convenience flag that sets property as GET, SET and STATE.

Function Documentation

const char* edje_external_param_type_str ( Edje_External_Param_Type  type)

Converts type identifier to string nicer representation.

This may be used to debug or other informational purposes.

typethe identifier to convert.
the string with the string representation, or "(unknown)".
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