Tizen Native API  3.0
Ecore initialization, shutdown functions and reset on fork.


int ecore_init (void)
int ecore_shutdown (void)

Function Documentation

int ecore_shutdown ( void  )

Shuts down connections, signal handlers sockets etc.

0 if ecore shuts down, greater than 0 otherwise. This function shuts down all things set up in ecore_init() and cleans up all event queues, handlers, filters, timers, idlers, idle enterers/exiters etc. set up after ecore_init() was called.

Do not call this function from any callback that may be called from the main loop, as the main loop will then fall over and not function properly.

Since :
banshee.c, client.c, complex-types-client-eina-value.c, complex-types-server.c, complex-types.c, connman-list-services.c, ecore_con_client_simple_example.c, ecore_con_server_simple_example.c, ecore_con_url_cookies_example.c, ecore_con_url_download_example.c, ecore_con_url_headers_example.c, ecore_event_example_02.c, ecore_exe_example.c, ecore_exe_example_child.c, ecore_fd_handler_example.c, ecore_idler_example.c, ecore_job_example.c, ecore_pipe_gstreamer_example.c, ecore_pipe_simple_example.c, ecore_poller_example.c, ecore_thread_example.c, ecore_time_functions_example.c, ecore_timer_example.c, eina_tiler_01.c, eio_file_ls.c, ofono-dial.c, and server.c.