Tizen Native API  5.5


API Description
Autofill Provides the functions for supporting users to use autofill feature.
Input Method Provides functions for starting IME application lifecycle, methods to interact with current UI state of IME, and getting attributes/events.
Input Method Manager Provides functions for launching input method editor (IME) list and selector settings.
Multi assistant Provides functions functions for supporting users to use several assistants.
STT Provides functions to recognize the speech.
STT Engine Provides functions to operate Speech-To-Text Engine.
Sticker Provides functions to manage and retrieve sticker information.
TTS Provides functions for synthesizing voice from text and playing synthesized sound data.
TTS Engine Provides functions to operate Text-To-Speech Engine.
Voice control Provides functions for registering command and getting notification when registered command is recognized.
Voice control elementary Provides functions to control widget by voice commands.
Voice control engine Provides functions to operate Voice-Control Engine.
Voice control manager Provides functions for recording voice and giving responses for recognized voice commands to users.

For more information on the UIX submodule features, see UIX Guide.