Tizen Native API  5.5
DALi Adaptor

DALi Adaptor is a platform adaptation layer.

It initializes and sets up DALi appropriately and provides many platform-related services with its internal module, platform abstraction. Several signals can be connected to it to keep you informed when certain platform-related activities occur.


DALi Adaptor consists of the following groups of API:

API Group Description
Adaptor Framework Classes for the adaption layer.

Related Features

This API is related with the following features:

It is recommended to design feature related codes in your application for reliability.

You can check if a device supports the related features for this API by using System Information, thereby controlling the procedure of your application.

To ensure your application is only running on the device with specific features, please define the features in your manifest file using the manifest editor in the SDK.

More details on featuring your application can be found from Feature Element.