Tizen Native API  5.5
Primitive Object

The Evas_Canvas3D_Primitive structure defines the data for generating meshes for various types of primitive shapes such as cubes, cylinders, spheres, surfaces, terrain, etc. Use the evas_canvas3d_mesh_from_primitive_set() function to generate a mesh's frame of this primitive.


typedef void( Evas_Canvas3D_Surface_Func )(Evas_Real *out_x, Evas_Real *out_y, Evas_Real *out_z, Evas_Real a, Evas_Real b)

Typedef Documentation

The Evas_Canvas3D_Surface_Func type of functions are used to create parametric surfaces as primitives. These compute the vertex x,y,z values for given v,u values.

out_xThe x component of the calculated value.
out_yThe y component of the calculated value.
out_zThe z component of the calculated value.
ais the v value.
bis the u value.
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