Interactive 3D

The interactive 3D component allows you to load and control a 3D model freely.

This component is supported since Tizen 5.5.

Table of Contents

  1. Default Selectors
  2. HTML Examples
  3. Options

Default Selectors

By default, all <div> elements with the class="ui-i3d" attribute are displayed as interactive 3D.

HTML Examples

  • To use Interactive 3D, you must import tau.i3d.js along with tau.js.
    To create a interactive 3D using the class attribute, use the following code:

        <div class="ui-i3d">
          position="0 0 0"
          scale="50 50 50"
          rotation="0 -90 0"
          light="0xbbbbbb 0x000000 2"



Option Input type Default value Description
src string "" A string containing the path/URL of the file to be loaded. Supported formats are fbx, gltf, and obj.
width string "400" Set the interactive 3D width in pixels.
height string "300" Set the interactive 3D height in pixels.
position string "0 0 0" Set the interactive 3D local position(x, y, z).
scale string "1 1 1" Set the interactive 3D local scale(x, y, z).
rotation string "0 0 0" Set the interactive 3D local rotation in radians(x, y, z).
light string "0xffffff 0xffffff 1" A light source positioned directly above the scene(skyColor, groundColor, intensity).
controls Obrit controls allow the camera to orbit around a target.
autoplay Play animations of the model automatically.