Tizen Native API
Dali::VoidFunctorDispatcher1< T, P1 > Struct Template Reference

Dispatcher to call a functor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void Dispatch (CallbackBase &callback, P1 param1)
 Call a function object.

Detailed Description

template<class T, typename P1>
struct Dali::VoidFunctorDispatcher1< T, P1 >

Dispatcher to call a functor.

This variant calls a void() member, ignoring any signal parameters

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Member Function Documentation

template<class T , typename P1 >
static void Dali::VoidFunctorDispatcher1< T, P1 >::Dispatch ( CallbackBase callback,
P1  param1 
) [static]

Call a function object.

Since :
[in]callbackThe callback information.
[in]param1The first parameter to pass to the real member function.