Tizen Native API  3.0
_Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int version
const char * name
int size
Eet_Descriptor_Mem_Alloc_Callback mem_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Mem_Free_Callback mem_free
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Alloc_Callback str_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Free_Callback str_free
Eet_Descriptor_List_Next_Callback list_next
Eet_Descriptor_List_Append_Callback list_append
Eet_Descriptor_List_Data_Callback list_data
Eet_Descriptor_List_Free_Callback list_free
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Foreach_Callback hash_foreach
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Add_Callback hash_add
Eet_Descriptor_Hash_Free_Callback hash_free
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Alloc_Callback str_direct_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Free_Callback str_direct_free
Eet_Descriptor_Type_Get_Callback type_get
Eet_Descriptor_Type_Set_Callback type_set
Eet_Descriptor_Array_Alloc_Callback array_alloc
Eet_Descriptor_Array_Free_Callback array_free

Detailed Description

Instructs Eet about memory management for different needs under serialization and parse process.

The list and hash methods match the Eina API, so for a more detailed reference on them, look at the Eina_List and Eina_Hash documentation, respectively. For the most part these will be used with the standard Eina functions, so using EET_EINA_STREAM_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET() and EET_EINA_FILE_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET() will set up everything accordingly.

eet-data-file_descriptor_01.c, eet-data-file_descriptor_02.c, eet-data-nested.c, and eet-data-simple.c.

Member Data Documentation

how to allocate memory for array (usually malloc())

how to free memory for array (usually free())

iterates over all elements in the hash h in no specific order

how to append data d to list which head node is l

free all the nodes from the list which head node is l

how to iterate to the next element of a list. Receives and should return the list node.

Name of the user data type to be serialized

Size in bytes of the user data type to be serialized

Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Alloc_Callback _Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class::str_direct_alloc

how to allocate a string directly from file backed/mmaped region pointed by str

Eet_Descriptor_Str_Direct_Free_Callback _Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class::str_direct_free

how to free a string returned by str_direct_alloc

get the type, as used in the union or variant mapping, that should be used to store the given data into the eet file.


called when loading a mapped type with the given type used to describe the type in the descriptor