Tizen Native API  5.5
_Eina_Value_Struct_Desc Struct Reference

Public Attributes

unsigned int version
const Eina_Value_Struct_Membermembers
unsigned int member_count
unsigned int size

Detailed Description

Describes the struct by listing its size, members and operations.

This is the root of Eina_Value knowledge about the memory it's handling as a structure. It adds introspection, saying the byte size of the structure, its members and how to manage such members.

Since (EFL) :

Member Data Documentation

if > 0, specifies number of members. If zero then members must be NULL terminated.

array of member descriptions, if member_count is zero, then it must be NULL terminated.

operations, if NULL defaults will be used. You may use operations to optimize member lookup using binary search or gperf hash.

byte size to allocate, may be bigger than sum of members