How to support Index Scroll Bar

Round UI provides circular index scroll bar component.

Refer to the following for supporting the circular index scroll bar.

Table of Contents

  1. Layout
  2. HTML code
  3. Javascript code


in Rectangular UI in Round UI

HTML code

<div class="ui-page ui-page-active" id="pageIndexScrollbar" >
	<header class="ui-header ui-header-small">
		<h2 class="ui-title ui-title-text-fadeout">Index Scroll Bar</h2>
	<div id="indexscrollbar"></div>
	<section class="ui-content">
		<ul class="ui-listview ui-snap-listview" id="list1">
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">A</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">B</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">C</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">D</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">E</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">F</li>
			<li class="ui-listview-divider">G</li>

Javascript code

How to create a component selectively

var indexScrollbarElement = document.getElementById("indexscrollbar");

if (! {
	// Create IndexScrollbar
	indexScrollbar = new tau.widget.IndexScrollbar(indexScrollbarElement);
} else {
	// Create CircularIndexScrollbar
	indexScrollbar = new tau.widget.CircularIndexScrollbar(indexScrollbarElement);

How to use callback

indexScrollbarElement.addEventListener("select", function( event ) {
	var index = event.detail.index;
	// do something using the index

In the following example, the list scrolls to the position of the list item defined using the ui-listview-divider class, selected by the index scroll bar:
(Note : In rectangular UI, touching index generates the select, but in round UI, the select occurs when using rotary.)

(function() {
	var page = document.getElementById("pageIndexScrollbar"),
		listviewElement = document.getElementById("list1"),
		isCircle =,

	page.addEventListener("pageshow", function(ev) {
		var indexScrollbarElement = document.getElementById("indexscrollbar"),
			listDividers = listviewElement.getElementsByClassName("ui-listview-divider"),	// list dividers
			dividers = {},	// collection of list dividers
			indices = [],	// index list
			i, idx;

		// For all list dividers,
		for(i = 0; i < listDividers.length; i++) {
			// Add the list divider elements to the collection
			divider = listDividers[i];
			idx = divider.innerText;
			dividers[idx] = divider;

			// Add the index to the index list

		scroller = tau.util.selectors.getScrollableParent(listviewElement);

		if (!isCircle) {
			indexScrollbar = new tau.widget.IndexScrollbar(indexScrollbarElement, {index: indices, container: scroller});
		} else {
			// Create IndexScrollbar
			indexScrollbar = new tau.widget.CircularIndexScrollbar(indexScrollbarElement, {index: indices});

			// Add SnapListview item "selected" event handler.
			listviewElement.addEventListener("selected", function (ev) {
				var indexValue =[0];

		// Add IndexScrollbar index "select" event handler.
		indexScrollbarElement.addEventListener("select", function (ev) {
			var divider,
				idx = ev.detail.index;

			divider = dividers[idx];
			if (divider && scroller) {
				// Scroll to the ui-listview-divider element
				scroller.scrollTop = divider.offsetTop - scroller.offsetTop;

	page.addEventListener("pagehide", function(ev) {
} ());

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