Tizen Wearable Web UI Framework Reference

Tizen Advaced UI framework(TAU) is optional, but recommended for making web applications for Tizen.

Tizen wearable Web UI framework is used for page navigation and developing applications based on the Tizen wearable themes.

The framework consists of the following services:

  • H/W Back key

    Using h/w back key, user can show previous page or exit application through device api.

  • Page navigation

    Navigation JavaScript library is provided to allow smooth navigation between Tizen wearable application pages.

  • UI Components

    CSS themes and resources (compatible with the UI Component source code) are available for Tizen Wearable Web UI Components.

  • Element events

    Tizen Advanced UI (TAU) framework provides events optimized for the Web applications.

  • Helper scripts

    Tizen Advanced UI (TAU) framework provides helper script to support some creating usable components for the Web applications.

  • Support for Circular UI

    Tizen Advanced UI (TAU) framework provides Support for Circular UI with media query.


The framework runs only on browsers supporting the HTML5/CSS standards. The draft version of the W3C specification is not fully supported.