UI Component Reference

The Tizen Wearable Web UI framework provides rich Tizen Wearable UI Components that are optimized for the Tizen Wearable Web application. You can use the UI Components for:

  • CSS animation
  • Rendering

The following table displays the UI Components provided by the Tizen Wearable Web UI framework.

Table: Tizen Wearable Web UI Components
UI Component Description
Button Shows a component that can be used to generate an action event.
Checkbox and radio button Shows a list of options where 1 or more can be selected.
Circle ProgressBar Shows a control that indicates the progress percentage of an on-going operation by circular shape.
Circular index scroll bar Shows a circular index scroll bar which uses rotary.
Drawer Shows a panel that in the sub-layout on the left or right edge of screen.
Index scroll bar Shows an index scroll bar with indices, usually for the list.
List Shows a list view.
Marquee Shows a component which moves left and right.
Page indicator Shows a dot-style page indicator.
Popup Shows a pop-up window.
Processing Shows a control that operates as progress infinitely.
Progress Shows a control that indicates the linear shape progressbar percentage of an on-going operation.
Section changer Shows a control that you can use to scroll through multiple <section> elements.
Slider Shows a control that you can use to change values by dragging a handle on a horizontal scale.
SnapListview Shows a snap listview that you can detect which item be positioned at center.
Swipe list Shows a list where you can swipe horizontally through a list item to perform a specific task.
Toggle switch Shows a 2-state switch.
Selector Shows a selector that select items.
View Switcher Shows a viewswitcher that controls each view elements.
Virtual list Shows a list view for large amounts of data.

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