Applying Circular Scroll Bar

With TAU, you can use scroll bar of web engine. If you want to scroll an element, set an attributes "overflow-y" in scrollable <div> element.

Basically, shape of scroll bar is "BAR" type. But we recommend that using "CIRCULAR BAR" type scroll bar in Circular Devices.

To set circular-bar type scroll bar, "tizen-circular-scrollbar" attribute is used.

This feature is supported in wearable applications only.

The following figure shows the scroll bar in a rectangular and circular UI.

Figure: Scroll Bar in rectangular and circular devices

Scroll Bar in a rectangular device Scroll Bar in a circular device

Applying with TAU library

Using TAU library, you can define page with <div> element using "ui-page" class. In circular UI, When TAU page created, it create <div> element with "ui-scroller" and it can be scrolled.

To apply circular bar type scroll bar:

(function(tau) {
    var page,

   if ( {
      document.addEventListener("pagebeforeshow", function (e) {
         page =;
         elScroller = page.querySelector(".ui-scroller");

         if (elScroller) {
            elScroller.setAttribute("tizen-circular-scrollbar", "");

      document.addEventListener("pagebeforehide", function (e) {

         if(elScroller) {

Applying without TAU library

When writing code without TAU library, please set "tizen-circular-scrollbar" when scroller element loaded.

To apply circular bar type scroll bar:

 <div class="page" style="height:100%;overflow:hidden;">
   <div class="content" style="width:100%;height:100%;overflow-y:auto;">
      <!-- fill contents -->
window.onload = function () {
    var scroller = document.querySelector(".content");
    if(scroller) {
        scroller.setAttribute("tizen-circular-scrollbar", "");

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