Tizen Native API  7.0
Calendar - Simple creation.

As a first example, let's just display a calendar in our window, explaining all steps required to do so.

First you should declare objects we intend to use:

   Evas_Object *win, *cal;

Then a window is created, a title is set and its set to be autodeleted. More details can be found on windows examples:

   win = elm_win_util_standard_add("calendar", "Calendar Creation Example");
   elm_win_autodel_set(win, EINA_TRUE);

Next a simple background is placed on our windows. More details on elm_bg - Plain color background. :

Now, the exciting part, let's add the calendar with elm_calendar_add(), passing our window object as parent.

To conclude our example, we should show the window and run elm mainloop:

See the full source code calendar_example_01::c here.