Tizen Native API  5.0


API Description
C++ Standard Library Standard C++ library, needs to be available programs written in ISO C++ language.
Common Error Provides pre-defined error codes and functions to retrieve error information.
Glib Application building blocks which add data types and other programming facilities for C-language programs.
Glibc The GNU C library, needs to be available to programs written in ISO C language.
LibXML library for parsing xml documents.
Minizip Lightweight library building on top of zlib for processing files in the zip format.
OpenMP API for shared-memory multiprocessing programming (C and C++), useful for complex tasks on multicore processors.
Sqlite Implements a lightweight sql database within a library, widely used for embedded client-local storage.
Utils Provides flexible generation of number or date format patterns and helps you to format and parse dates/number for any locale.
zlib zlib is used for in-memory compression and decompression.

For more information on the Base submodule features and the macros, see Base Framework programming guides and tutorials.
For more information on the listed open source libraries, see the open source package page.