Tizen Native API  5.0


void elm_atspi_bridge_utils_say (const char *text, Eina_Bool discardable, const Elm_Atspi_Say_Signal_Cb func, const void *data)
 Reads given text by screen reader.


typedef void(* Elm_Atspi_Say_Signal_Cb )(void *data, const char *say_signal)

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* Elm_Atspi_Say_Signal_Cb)(void *data, const char *say_signal)

This callback type is used to provide reading status information.

dataThe data specified as the last param when setting this callback
say_signalThe signal describes reading status information
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Function Documentation

void elm_atspi_bridge_utils_say ( const char *  text,
Eina_Bool  discardable,
const Elm_Atspi_Say_Signal_Cb  func,
const void *  data 

Reads given text by screen reader.

textThe text to read
discardableIf TRUE, reading can be discarded by subsequent reading requests, if FALSE the reading must finish before next reading request can be started
functhe callback function that is called on reading signals emitted during processing of this reading request. Elm_Atspi_Say_Signal_Cb callback type specifies two parameters (void *data, const char *signal), where data is a user data and signal can be one of the following signals: “ReadingCancelled” “ReadingStopped” “ReadingSkipped”
dataThe user data to be passed to the callback function
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