Tizen Native API  5.0
Bluetooth HID

Bluetooth HID(Human Interface Device) API provides functions for connecting to Bluetooth HID such as keyboards and mouse.

Required Header

#include <bluetooth.h>


In HID Profile, there are two roles - Host and Device. The Host is a device that uses or requests the services of a HID. The Device is a device that provides the service of human data input and output to and from th

Related Features

This API is related with the following features:

It is recommended to design feature related codes in your application for reliability.

You can check if a device supports the related features for this API by using System Information, thereby controlling the procedure of your application

To ensure your application is only running on the device with specific features, please define the features in your manifest file using the manifest editor in the SDK

More details on featuring your application can be found from Feature Element.


typedef void(* bt_hid_host_connection_state_changed_cb )(int result, bool connected, const char *remote_address, void *user_data)
 Called when the connection state is changed.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* bt_hid_host_connection_state_changed_cb)(int result, bool connected, const char *remote_address, void *user_data)

Called when the connection state is changed.

This callback is called when the connection state is changed. When you call bt_hid_host_connect() or bt_hid_host_disconnect(), this callback is also called with error result even though these functions fail.

Since :
[in]resultThe result of changing the connection state
[in]connectedThe state to be changed. true means connected state, Otherwise, false.
[in]remote_addressThe remote address
[in]user_dataThe user data passed from the callback registration function
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