Tizen Native API  5.0
Efl Extension Circle Datetime

Circle datetime is based on elm_datetime and is operated by rotary event.

Circle datetime is to utilize selected field in elm_datetime. If rotary event is activated by eext_rotary_object_event_activated_set(), circle datetime increases/decreases value of selected field in elm_datetime by the clockwise/counter clockwise rotary event.

The available circle object items are as follows:

  • "default": Default circle item. It draws a marker.


Evas_Objecteext_circle_object_datetime_add (Evas_Object *datetime, Eext_Circle_Surface *surface)
 Add a new circle datetime object.

Function Documentation

Add a new circle datetime object.

[in]datetimeThe datetime object
[in]surfaceThe Eext_Circle_Surface object to render the circle object. If NULL, circle object will be rendered independently.
A new circle object handle, otherwise NULL if it cannot be created
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