Tizen Native API  5.0
Edje Object

This group discusses functions that deal with Edje layouts and its components.

An important thing to know about this group is that there is no Edje_Object in code. What we refer here as object are layouts (or themes) defined by groups, and parts, both declared in EDC files. They are of type Evas_Object as the other native objects of Evas, but they only exist in Edje, so that is why we are calling them "edje objects".

With the Edje Object Group functions we can deal with layouts by managing its aspect, content, message and signal exchange and animation, among others.


const char * edje_object_part_object_name_get (const Evas_Object *obj)
 Gets the part name of an edje part object.


typedef enum _Edje_Aspect_Control Edje_Aspect_Control

Typedef Documentation

All Edje aspect control values.

Function Documentation

const char* edje_object_part_object_name_get ( const Evas_Object obj)

Gets the part name of an edje part object.

objAn edje part object
The name of the part, if the object is an edje part, or NULL
If this function returns NULL, obj was not an Edje part object
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