Tizen Native API  5.0
Elementary Config

Elementary configuration is formed by a set options bounded to a given Profile profile, like Theme theme, finger size, etc. These are functions with which one synchronizes changes made to those values to the configuration storing files, de facto. You most probably don't want to use the functions in this group unless you're writing an elementary configuration manager.


void elm_config_reload (void)
void elm_config_all_flush (void)

Function Documentation

void elm_config_all_flush ( void  )

Flush all config settings then apply those settings to all applications using elementary on the current display.

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void elm_config_reload ( void  )

Reload Elementary's configuration, bounded to current selected profile.

EINA_TRUE, when successful. EINA_FALSE, otherwise.

Useful when you want to force reloading of configuration values for a profile. If one removes user custom configuration directories, for example, it will force a reload with system values instead.

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