Tizen Native API  5.0
Generic Object Functions

Functions that manipulate generic Evas objects.

All Evas displaying units are Evas objects. One handles them all by means of the handle Evas_Object. Besides Evas treats their objects equally, they have types that define their specific behavior (and individual API).

Evas comes with a set of built-in object types:

  • rectangle,
  • line,
  • polygon,
  • text,
  • textblock,
  • textgrid and
  • image.

These functions apply to any Evas object, whatever type they may have.

The built-in types that are most used are rectangles, text and images. In fact, with these one can create 2D interfaces of arbitrary complexity and EFL makes it easy.


typedef Eo Efl_Canvas_Object
typedef Efl_Canvas_Object Evas_Object

Typedef Documentation

An Evas Object handle

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An Evas Object handle.