Tizen Native API  5.0

The NFC API provides very short-range radio communication technology.

Required Header

#include <nfc.h>


NFC Service enables applications to

  • set up nfc manager
  • read / write ndef message or raw data and get attribute of tag
  • create NDEF(NFC Data Exchange Format) message or NDEF record
  • receive/send ndef message to the peer target
  • read / write data to the Secure Element for Card Emulation mode


The nfc manager api provides functions to connect nfc-server and register event listener

  • control connection with nfc-server.
  • register / deregister event listeners for detecting tag, ndef, llcp, secure element
  • set / unset tag filter to be listened only in case of specific tag.

NDEF(NFC Data Exchange Format)

The NDEF(NFC Data Exchange Format) api provides functions to make NDEF record and NDEF message.

  • create NDEF record and retrieve specific field of NDEF record
  • create NDEF message with NDEF records


The TAG api provide functions to read or write NDEF(NFC Data Exchange Format) and also low level transaction API with Non NDEF tag.

  • read NDEF from NDEF compatible TAG
  • write NDEF to NDEF compatible TAG
  • check whether tag has NDEF or not
  • format NFC forum tag to be compatible with NDEF
  • read specific attributes from tag by ISO14443
  • low level api of MIFARE classic and MIFARE ultra light

Peer to Peer

The Peer to Peer api provide functions to exchange NDEF data with peer target.

  • send ndef message
  • receive ndef message

Card Emulation

The Card Emulation api provide functions to exchange data with Secure Element.

  • send apdu to secure element
  • get atr from secure element