Tizen Native API  7.0
ml_pipeline_src_callbacks_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

void(* need_data )(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, unsigned int length, void *user_data)
void(* enough_data )(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, void *user_data)
void(* seek_data )(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, uint64_t offset, void *user_data)

Detailed Description

Callbacks for src input events.

A set of callbacks that can be installed on the appsrc with ml_pipeline_src_set_event_cb().

Since :

Member Data Documentation

void(* ml_pipeline_src_callbacks_s::enough_data)(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, void *user_data)

Called when appsrc has enough data. It is recommended that the application stops calling push-buffer until the need_data callback is emitted again to avoid excessive buffer queueing.

void(* ml_pipeline_src_callbacks_s::need_data)(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, unsigned int length, void *user_data)

Called when the appsrc needs more data. User may submit a buffer via ml_pipeline_src_input_data() from this thread or another thread. length is just a hint and when it is set to -1, any number of bytes can be pushed into appsrc.

void(* ml_pipeline_src_callbacks_s::seek_data)(ml_pipeline_src_h src_handle, uint64_t offset, void *user_data)

Called when a seek should be performed to the offset. The next push-buffer should produce buffers from the new offset . This callback is only called for seekable stream types.