Tizen Native API  6.5

The MTP API provides functions for support PTP(Picture Transfer Protocol) subset of MTP(Media Transfer Protocol).

Required Header

#include <mtp.h>


API Description
MTP Manager Provide functions to establish connection to access MTP responder device, and to Get/Delete files
MTP Device Information Provide functions to gets the device information of MTP responder device
MTP Storage Information Provide functions to gets the storage information of MTP responder storage
MTP Object Information Provide functions to gets the object information of certain file in MTP responder

MTP is consist of three components : 1. MTP device

  • Meaning that the device supports MTP.
  • Having mtp-responder role.
  • Having one or more MTP storages.

2. MTP storage

  • Meaning that the storage in the mtp device.
  • Having zero or more MTP objects.

3. MTP object

  • MTP object meaning is the actual file.
  • Each file in the device has a unique handle called "Object Handle". This is not a unique handle each storage.
  • Mtp object is to have the parent object, so it can indicate a file hierarchy. If parent object is 0, then it means object is in root of storage.