Tizen Native API  6.5


Open Source Library for cross-platform development library.
Version: SDL2-2.0.8
Reference : http://libsdl.org/

Simple DirectMedia Layer(SDL) is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low level hardware abstraction layer to computer multimedia hardware components.
SDL on Tizen manages video, audio, input devices, threads and timers.
For 3D graphics it can handle an OpenGL ES or Vulkan.

Below part of SDL would not be included as Tizen Native APIs.

  • SDL_system.h
    : This header contains functions for advanced, platform-specific functionality, such as Android, ios, WinRT, DirectX
  • SDL_render.h, SDL_pixels.h, SDL_rect.h
    : This header contains functions for 2D rendering. SDL on Tizen only provides rendering using OpenGL ES or Vulkan.
  • SDL_filesystem.h, SDL_rwops.h, SDL_loadso.h, SDL_cpuinfo.h, SDL_endian.h, SDL_bits.h, SDL_system.h, SDL_haptic.h
    SDL_shape.h, SDL_touch.h, SDL_gesture.h, SDL_messagebox.h, SDL_joystic.h, SDL_gamecontroller.h, SDL_clipboard.h
    : In Tizen, some APIs related to file accessing, Shared Object loading, Platform and CPU Information, Power Management are not supported.

SDL on Tizen can provide rotation degree when device is changed orientation.

In some cases such as internet access, your application requires some privileges. For more information, please consult the libsdl.org