Tizen Native API  6.5
DALi Toolkit (Deprecated)

DALi Toolkit provides UI components and various effects on top of the DALi Core.


DALi Toolkit consists of the following groups of API:

API Group Description
Controls Controls are interactive components for layouting the user interface.
Alignment Alignment is a container which provides an easy way to align other actors inside its boundary.
Buttons Button is a small object on UI that you can press.
Gaussian Blur View GaussianBlurView provides a render process that blurs an image.
Image View ImageView is a control displaying an image.
Model3dView Model3dView is a control for displaying 3d geometry.
Scroll Bar ScrollBar is a component that can be linked to the scrollable objects.
Scrollable Scrollable contains scrolled controls.
Item View ItemView class is a scrollable container that can contain many items.
Scroll View ScrollView class provides scrollable view which contains actors and can be scrolled automatically or manually by panning.
Table View TableView class is a layout container for aligning child actors in a grid like layout.
Text Controls Controls for displaying text or text input.
Flex Container FlexContainer is a container for Flexbox layout.
Video View VideoView is a control for video playback and display.
Slider Slider is a control to enable sliding an indicator between two values.
Progress Bar ProgressBar is a control to give the user an indication of the progress of an operation.
Managers Singleton classes for managing application-wide functionalities.
Visuals Visuals can control rendering the contents as using Property.
Image Loader The ImageLoader is used to load pixel data from a URL.

Related Features

This API is related with the following features:

It is recommended to design feature related codes in your application for reliability.

You can check if a device supports the related features for this API by using System Information, thereby controlling the procedure of your application.

To ensure your application is only running on the device with specific features, please define the features in your manifest file using the manifest editor in the SDK.

More details on featuring your application can be found from Feature Element.