Tizen Native API  6.5


API Description
CSR Provides Content Screening Service and Web Protection Service to protect a device and an user.
Device Certificate Manager Provides cryptography services for authentication and secure communication with another system.
Device Policy Manager Provides Device Administration APIs to create security-aware applications that are useful in enterprise settings.
Key Manager Provides a secure repository protected by Tizen platform for keys, certificates, and sensitive data of users and/or their APPs.
OpenSSL Library implementation of secure sockets layer (ssl) and transport layer security (tls) to enable secure internet communications.
Privacy Privilege Manager Provides functions for retrieving and determining application's permissions for privacy privileges.
Privilege Info A library for reading privilege information of the given privilege and API issue version.
Trusted Execution Framework Provides the TEE Client API as defined by the GlobalPlatform TEE standard for connecting to applications executed in TrustZone.
YACA Provides a crypto functions such as key management, data integrity, data en/decryption and low-level RSA operations.

For more information on the Security submodule features, see Security Guide.
For more information on the listed open source libraries, see the open source package page.