Tizen Native API  7.0

The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) cover a wide range of functions including inter-process communication (IPC), graphics, audio and even location services. Other powerful features include file handling utilities, widgets and user interface controls, thumbnailing and rendering via scene graph. You can discover more of EFL's capabilities by visiting the About EFL page.

For ease of access to documentation, EFL can be split into Core, Graphics, Operating System Specific and Beta library categories. Documentation for libraries in each of these categories is available below.

Core libraries

  • Ecore operating system abstraction and integration.
  • Eet binary data parser and serializer.
  • Eina data types and low-level/basic abstractions.
  • Eio asynchronous input/output

Graphics libraries

  • Evas drawing canvas.
  • Edje layout and theme library with super powers.
  • Elementary widget library.