Tizen Native API  7.0
Shared Image Cache Server

Evas has an (optional) module that provides client-server infrastructure to share bitmaps across multiple processes, saving data and processing power.

Be warned that it doesn't work when threaded image preloading is enabled for Evas, though.


Eina_Bool evas_cserve_want_get (void)
Eina_Bool evas_cserve_connected_get (void)
Eina_Bool evas_cserve_stats_get (Evas_Cserve_Stats *stats)
void evas_cserve_image_cache_contents_clean (Evas_Cserve_Image_Cache *cache)
void evas_cserve_disconnect (void)

Function Documentation

Retrieves if the system is connected to the server used to share bitmaps.

EINA_TRUE if it's connected, EINA_FALSE otherwise.
void evas_cserve_disconnect ( void  )

Force the system to disconnect from the bitmap caching server.

Completely discard/clean a given images cache, thus re-setting it.

cacheA handle to the given images cache.

Retrieves statistics from a running bitmap sharing server.

statspointer to structure to fill with statistics about the bitmap cache server.
EINA_TRUE if stats were filled with data, EINA_FALSE otherwise (when stats is untouched)

Retrieves if the system wants to share bitmaps using the server.

EINA_TRUE if it wants, EINA_FALSE otherwise.