Tizen Native API
Generic Object Functions

This group provides functions that manipulate generic Evas objects.

All Evas displaying units are Evas objects. You can handle them all by means of the handle Evas_Object. Besides Evas treats their objects equally, they have types, which define their specific behavior (and individual API).
Evas comes with a set of built-in object types:
  • rectangle,
  • line,
  • polygon,
  • text,
  • textblock, and
  • image.
These functions apply to any Evas object, whichever type that may have.
The built-in types which are most used are rectangles, text and images. In fact, with these ones one can create 2D interfaces of arbitrary complexity and EFL makes it easy.


typedef struct _Evas_Object Evas_Object
 An Evas Object handle.