Tizen Native API  5.0
_Elm_Web_Menu Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int x
int y
int width
int height
Eina_Bool handled: 1

Detailed Description

Structure describing the menu of a popup

This structure will be passed as the event_info for the "popup,create" signal, which is emitted when a dropdown menu is opened. Users wanting to handle these popups by themselves should listen to this signal and set the handled property of the struct to EINA_TRUE. Leaving this property as EINA_FALSE means that the user will not handle the popup and the default implementation will be used.

When the popup is ready to be dismissed, a "popup,willdelete" signal will be emitted to notify the user that it can destroy any objects and free all data related to it.

See also:

Member Data Documentation

Set to EINA_TRUE by the user to indicate that the popup has been handled and the default implementation should be ignored. Leave as EINA_FALSE otherwise.

Height of the popup menu

Width of the popup menu

The X position of the popup, relative to the elm_web object

The Y position of the popup, relative to the elm_web object