Tizen Native API  7.0
camera_preview_data_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

camera_pixel_format_e format
int width
int height
int num_of_planes
unsigned int timestamp
union {
   struct {
      unsigned char *   yuv
      unsigned int   size
   }   single_plane
   struct {
      unsigned char *   y
      unsigned char *   uv
      unsigned int   y_size
      unsigned int   uv_size
   }   double_plane
   struct {
      unsigned char *   y
      unsigned char *   u
      unsigned char *   v
      unsigned int   y_size
      unsigned int   u_size
      unsigned int   v_size
   }   triple_plane
   struct {
      unsigned char *   data
      unsigned int   size
      bool   is_delta_frame
   }   encoded_plane
   struct {
      unsigned char *   data
      unsigned int   size
   }   depth_plane
   struct {
      unsigned char *   data
      unsigned int   size
   }   rgb_plane

Detailed Description

The structure type to preview stream data.

Since :

Member Data Documentation

The encoded data pointer

The depth data pointer

The RGB data pointer

The frame data

Depth plane frame data (Since 5.0)

Double plane frame data

Encoded plane frame data

The height of the frame

The flag indicating whether it's delta frame or not (Since 6.0)

The number of planes

RGB plane frame data (Since 5.0)

Single plane frame data

The size of data

The size of encoded data

The size of depth data

The size of RGB data

The timestamp of the frame

Triple plane frame data

unsigned char* camera_preview_data_s::u

The u data pointer

The size of u data

unsigned char* camera_preview_data_s::uv

The uv data pointer

The size of uv data

unsigned char* camera_preview_data_s::v

The v data pointer

The size of v data

The width of the frame

unsigned char* camera_preview_data_s::y

The y data pointer

The size of y data

The yuv data pointer