Tizen Native API  7.0
sensor_event_s Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int accuracy
unsigned long long timestamp
int value_count
float values [16]

Detailed Description

Sensor data event delivered via sensor_event_cb().

A sensor data is delivered as a structure, which contains the accuracy of the data, the time when the data was observed, and the data array. The data array is a fixed size float array, and the number of data fields stored in the array varies with the sensor type. For example, SENSOR_ACCELEROMETER reports 3-dimensional data, sensor_event_s::value_count is thus set to 3.
Note that, even if the data values are float, in some cases, it may contain one or more categorical data as in sensor_proximity_e.

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Member Data Documentation

Accuracy of sensor data

unsigned long long sensor_event_s::timestamp

Time when the sensor data was observed

Number of sensor data values stored in sensor_event_s::values

Sensor data values